Service Offerings

Our Investment Advisory offers “Model Portfolio” Service.

The salient features are :

Subscription to the Model Portfolio

We have built a Model Portfolio over last few years. The Model Portfolio consists of a number of stocks from various sectors with different weightages. The weights are determined by a number of factors such as discount to fair value, growth and  our level of conviction.

We understand that a new subscriber may not be able to match his portfolio to the model portfolio as our buy price could be lower than current market price. Hence we also publish a Portfolio Creation Document that would help a new subscribers build their portfolio from scratch based on the market conditions at the time of joining the subscription. This document consists of recommended buy price as well as planned weightage for each stock.

We let our potential subscribers know that it could take significant time for them to match their individual portfolio to the model portfolio.

Real time Buy/Sell Transactions

We publish “Buy” and “Sell” transactions that we do in the Model Portfolio. This enables subscribers to perform the similar transactions in their own portfolio, if they so desire.

Detailed Analysis on each stock in the Portfolio

We publish detailed analysis of each stock in our Model Portfolio explaining the reasons behind investing in the company. The analysis is available in PDF format to enable subscribers to read it offline.

Quarterly / Annual Results Commentary

We publish our views on Quarterly / Annual Results of the companies we hold in the model portfolio. The same is updated in the PDF format for easy reference.